About Me and This Blog

2021, Hamamatsu Castle, Shizuoka

Hi there!

This is the website you can find useful information to familiar with Japan. I reccomend this blog for anyone who wants to know, learn and visit Japan.

I am Saya, I was born and raised in Japan.

I love the nature, culture, food and people but…they are sometimes far different from yours or otherwise complicated. I believe Japanese people are generally polite and kind for you. But, it means at the same time they are strict with rules and careful about the circumstances… including you, as a foreigner.

Also, one of the biggest problems of us is not all are great English speakers. I’m afraid when you might be confused, face difficulties but no one can answer.

However, do not worry too much. I can help you. The one possible tactics to get better experience in Japan is just know about us before visiting.

Again, I love anyone who is interested in and visit us as well as Japanese people. I wanna help you –anyone who are interested in my country, especially for visitors, people planning to visit.

I hope you love the tips I will share 😉