Useful Websites, Tools and Apps When You Arrive at Japan

Useful Links
2023, Inokashira-park, Tokyo

In this page, I will share useful websites for visitors to Japan.

〇Visit Japan Web

Visit Japan Web is the official website by the Digital Agency, Japanese government. You can register your information through the system and avoid any queue and handwriting documents on the plane or airport.

Also, it works at Immigration, Customs and Tax-free shopping service.

You can use it without the Internet if you have properly registered before.

It offers English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Let’s use how to use it here (link to the official Instructions).

〇Suica (Actual IC card/virtual card for iOS and Android)

Suica is the IC card which enables you to get various kinds of transportations in Japan. It is named after “Super Urban Inteligent Card.”

You can pay the fare for the buses and trains with this actual or virtual card.

You can use it throughout Japan when you use it inside specific region for one ride. (It’s really large, you don’t really have to care).

You can buy the actural card by ticket sales machines in the stations. However, you need to pay a deposit, 500JPY and the deposit and top-up should be paid in cash. Isn’t it unconfortable for travelers?

You can just search ‘Suica’ in the App Store and if you find the face of penguin (the one above here!), it must be Mobile Suica app.

Thus, I reccomend the mobile app. You can get a virtual card when you install the mobile app. If you get it once, you can make any purchase (usually top up) with your smartphone with Apple pay, google pay or credit card. Moreover, you do not need to pay the deposit!

If you prefer the real card, you can buy Welcome Suica.

Welcome Suica is valid just for 28 days from the date of purchace.

Buying Welcome Suica is available just limited numbers of stations, usually they are one of the main stations of the area. Find information here (Link to the official website of JR East)

Of course you can buy paper tickets in stations, but not buses (it is far more complicated><). The ticket vending machines are always available in English but it’s not compretely easy, definitely will bother you. Most Japanese have Suica because it is useful and reliable.

Whatever, you need to buy a Suica when you arrive at Japan. How about installing the App before leaving your country and preparing for the journey?


〇Toilet Finder (free app for iOS and Android)

*This app is created by BeTomorrow, a French software company. Not specifically designed for Japan. We have more detailed Japanese app as well, but I decided to share this one because the others might be difficult to use it for non-Japanese speakers.

In Japan, we have a lot of public toilets/bathrooms and it is totally FREE! You can find any of them with this app.

They are usually located in parks, public and shopping buildings and some convenience stores.

Japan is known for the safe and clean society and the toilets are not the exceptions. I know, sometimes it can be dirty and stink (remember, still safe!). Of course it depends, but I believe the Japanese toilets are the best in the world.

If you prefer cleaner ones, I recommend to go to toilets inside any buildings, not in parks. In urgent cases… Don’t care. JUST GO.

now undergoing… looking forward the updates please!


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